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/ A 44:44 Music Card package comes with two random 44:44 image cards by Melancholy.Baby, a download code for MDBRKN's [44:44] album, a BRKNBABY sticker and a red acrylic plate. /
/ [44:44] is a private album. It's only available through the download code sealed with the card. The card is available in limited amount quantity (hand-made) /
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44:44 //
We imagined certain sentiments that we pingponged between us two since last winter - such as anxiety, depression, ennui, humiliation etc. - to appear in physical forms, gathered up in a space. The sound and image conjured by MDBRKN and Seung-Eun Yeon lay the feelings on the floor. We thought of physical objects to express them: shards of glass, mirror, wood, rainwater, waves, construction sites, ruins. Shapeless sound fills the space for 44 minutes and 44 seconds, along with a bit of repeating images.

/44:44 (44 min. 44 sec., or 4444) is a new project from the duo BRKNBABY (MDBRKN, MELANCHOLYBABY), open for 4 days from 7th to 10th July, at Archivebomm.

/ 44:44 track listing /

1. Spark
2. Shutted
3. Fetid Gunk
4. Dysphagia (44:44 version)
5. Lover's Theme
6. Sting
7. Smother
8. Drift
9. Furo
10. Out

/ Track Credits /
1~3, 5~8, 10 / written, mixed & mastered by MDBRKN
4, 9 / written & mixed by MDBRKN, mastered by Mad Flux Audio

Design by Melancholy.Baby / Music by MDBRKN / Poster Design by Injulmi ( @injullmi )

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MDBRKN Seoul, South Korea

Sound artist from Seoul, South Korea.

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